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Crystal Candy Auto by Sweet Seeds

Mar 01, 17 Crystal Candy Auto by Sweet Seeds

Our latest Strain of the Month is an autoflowering plant from Sweet Seeds that was created with flavour and aroma at the very top of the agenda. Crystal Candy Auto by Sweet Seeds is a deliciously sugary and sweet specimen that exhibits remarkably vigorous growth with bountiful harvests and a shiny, chilled-out effect. With double Eucalyptus Points currently available, there’s no better time than the present to add this seed to your wish-list…

As automatic strains go, they really don’t get much better than our latest Strain of the Month – Crystal Candy Auto by Sweet Seeds. This one was developed as part of a breeding programme that focused specifically on creating plants with a curious, subtle, and gloriously sweet aroma – the type of scent that’s reminiscent of candy shops and sugary delights galore. Having seen the results in this great specimen all we can say is – mission accomplished!

This plant’s bouquet is a complex affair containing hints of bubblegum, fruit jellies, and strawberry. If reading about it isn’t enough to get your mouth salivating, then smelling and tasting it for yourself certainly will be. It’s an uplifting, invigorating and happy smoking experience that’s great enjoyed as a dessert smoke after dinner. Its uplifting nature also makes it a great one to enjoy the morning after the night before – it’s sure to blow away those hangover cobwebs and leave you ready to face the day ahead with a renewed lustre and vigour.

In terms of growth, this is a resinous beast of a plant whose flowers and leaves are covered in a dense carpet of long, large-headed trichomes. It has the overall shape and structure of a typical indica/sativa specimen, and is extremely vigorous and very productive indeed. The branches are long and strong, and more than capable of supporting the copious, pendulous buds that hang from every available spot like baubles on a Christmas tree. And, of course, the autoflowering nature means it automatically switches from the vegetative to the flowering stage with no input from the gardener, which makes it an absolute doddle to grow. Even beginners can expect great results every time!

With double Eucalyptus Points available for March as part of our Strain of the Month promotion, there’s no better time than the present to get your hands on this sweet and fruity little number. Head over to the online shop right away, and preserve Crystal Candy Auto by Sweet Seeds in your collection – you know it makes sense!

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Super OG Kush by Pyramid Seeds

Feb 28, 17 Super OG Kush by Pyramid Seeds

It’s time for another great Strain of the Month promotion from GYO Seedbank, complete with double Eucalyptus Points as an added incentive! This time, the spotlight is shining brightly on Super OG Kush by Pyramid Seeds – an outrageously good marijuana plant that is particularly remarkable thanks to its sharp yet delicate lemon aroma and flavour. But this one has more to offer than bouquet alone…

Super OG Kush by Pyramid Seeds is the perfect strain for gardeners who are looking for a productive and prolific plant that’s ready in lightning quick speed. This ripper has an 80/20 indica/sativa ratio and an indoor flowering time of just 55 days, and is best known for its fantastic lemon flavour that’s accompanied by a tangy, sharp, citrus aroma.

She needs a little more tender love and care than some other plants, but gardeners are sure to be rewarded for the care and attention they endow upon this lovely lady. As with all loving relationships, the key to achieving good results is to treat her the way she deserves! In this case, as with many other OG Kush varieties, it is advisable to steer clear of fertiliser and irrigation water, as Super OG Kush is somewhat delicate. Give her what she wants and you’re guaranteed a plant that’ll impress your friends and knock your socks off with her potency and vigour.

The smoking experience is a classic indica Kush affair with a contemplative and meditative stoned effect. This is a great one to enjoy in small groups of friends when chilling out and chatting is the only thing on the agenda. It’s best reserved for evenings, although it can be enjoyed in the daytime when the calendar is clear. A party smoke, however, it is not. Quite conversely, it’s a plant to get deep with!

Super OG Kush by Pyramid Seeds is currently available with double Eucalyptus Points for this month only. There’s no better time than the present to browse the online catalogue and add this fantastic seed to your stash – and if you already have it, then why not gift it to one of your nearest and dearest chums? Everyone’s a winner!

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Purple Kush by Kannabia Seeds

Feb 28, 17 Purple Kush by Kannabia Seeds

Our latest Strain of the Month is the connoisseur’s delight known as Purple Kush by Kannabia Seeds. This indica-dominant hybrid ripper is sure to delight with its sweet, herbal aroma and incredibly relaxing body stone. Interested? Then allow us to educate you on its many merits…

Purple Kush by Kannabia Seeds creates an indica-dominant plant that ticks all the necessary boxes when it comes to appearance, flavour, aroma, and yield. This beautiful specimen has 70% Purple genetics and this trait in particular really shines through in the finished product: as the plant matures, its leaves take on a fantastically dark violet hue that brings some much-needed variety to any growspace, whether indoors or out.

In fact, we defy anyone not to fall in love with Purple Kush by Kannabia Seeds at first sight. It’s a strikingly unique specimen, dazzling in its visuals, and its true beauty explodes in a firework display of colour towards the end of the flowering cycle. But the great news is that there’s even more to this one than meets the eye: it’s extremely easy to grow and needs only a small amount of fertilisation and very little effort all round. What’s more, an eight week flowering time can easily produce up to 800 g/plant, so there’s always plenty to share with likeminded friends – they’re sure to endow you with praise for your green-fingered prowess. Little will they know that it’s so simple, pretty much anyone can achieve spectacular results.

The flavours and aromas of the finished bud are sweet, herby and delicious, and the relaxingly physical hit is the perfect way to loosen up and unwind. The high is relaxing without being overpowering, quite suitable for those new to marijuana and still richly rewarding for seasoned tokers. It’s a great one to enjoy at the weekend, during the day, and is sure to have you clockwatching at work, eager for the first puff of what is sure to become your go-to strain time and time again.

Of course, we’d love to know what you think, and as an added incentive we are offering double Eucalyptus Points on this strain throughout March. So head over to the online shop without further ado, and bag yourself a great quality seed that’s sure to delight you over and over!

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Girl Scout Cookies Auto by Fast Buds

Feb 28, 17 Girl Scout Cookies Auto by Fast Buds

Chances are, you’ve already heard of Girl Scout Cookies, a high-quality, world-renowned marijuana strain that has been cited on numerous occasions as the greatest Californian herb of all time. Here, Fast Buds have given it an unprecedented new twist, by creating an autoflowering version that still retains all the best-loved characteristics of the original strain. Double Eucalyptus Points on Girl Scout Cookies Auto by Fast Buds? It’s time to get baking!

As automatic strains go, Girl Scout Cookies Auto by Fast Buds is a real game-changer. This is a fully autoflowering version of the much-loved and deeply-respected Californian variety that manages to retain every ounce of the flavour, potency, and bouquet of the original. This is a masterpiece of genetic boffinery and is sure to turn heads across the world. Now, thanks to our Strain of the Month promotion, you can own the seed that makes it all possible and benefit from double Eucalyptus Points at the same time!

In order to create Girl Scout Cookies Auto by Fast Buds, the breeders took the two most popular phenotypes of the original Girl Scout Cookies and mixed them with Canadian Ruderalis and Sativa to produce an indica-dominant hybrid that’s already going from strength to strength in Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia. An experienced gardener will easily coax 300 g/plant (which, as if it needs to be stated, is a truly terrific yield from an auto of this quality) and beginners, too, can get a slice of the action and achieve very good results.

These feminised rippers finish in around 55 – 63 days, and grow tall and thin, with leaves unfolding in a fan formation and displaying a reddish orange colouration that really stands out against the luscious dark green canopy. There’s no real need for great care and attention, because the Ruderalis gene gives better stability than ever before. However, in order to optimise development, the breeders advise extra nutrients in the feeding schedule. The plants will respond well with bigger bud development and an extra thickness to the aroma.

So what about the buzz? Well, it’s characteristically indica, but it isn’t too over-the-top or heavy, and it will leave you baked without sticking you to the couch for hours on end. It’s a great, uplifting end to a busy day, and the perfect strain to unwind with after work – the cannabis equivalent of a warm mug of cocoa.

So, there you have it! Just when we thought things couldn’t get any better for this already-great variety, the guys at Fast Buds have gone and set the bar even higher. Take advantage of our Strain of the Month promotion right away, and don’t forget to let us know what you think.

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VIP Seeds Seed Bank

Feb 27, 17 VIP Seeds Seed Bank

This March, our Breeder of the Month is a company that has put its name to some very important seeds indeed. With a huge and enviable cannabis catalogue, these guys really know their indicas from their sativas, and we’re delighted to have them on board. Meet the VIP Seeds Seed Bank!

VIP – or Very Important Plant in longhand – is a purveyor of really high quality seeds all of which were created in response to the feedback of customers. Put simply, the VIP Seeds Seed Bank mission is to provide top-shelf cannabis seeds at more affordable prices – after all, cannabis is a plant whose products everyone should be able to enjoy.

The VIP Seeds Seed Bank breeders built up a bank of the best European cannabis genetics and crossed the most compatible varieties to create a whole new range of cannabis strains. With years of experience from all over the world, they were able to conduct a range of quality-assurance tests – a long and painstaking process but one which guarantees perfect results in all seed-lines. All varieties are carefully reviewed for germination and production before going on sale, making this a seed company that carries the hallmark of cannabis excellence.

The company continues to introduce new strains and has built up a huge cannabis catalogue. Three of our favourites that really capture what these guys have to offer are VIP Auto, Amnesia VIP and White Berry. The first is an autoflowering indica plant that’s really easy to grow and is ready in just 60 – 70 days depending on the area of cultivation. It’s a very powerful smoke and combines elements of White Dwarf and Northern Lights. Approach with caution!

Amnesia VIP has an 80/20 indica/sativa ratio and very high THC levels. It’s made by adding a Lemon twist to the classic Amnesia strain and the results are mind-blowing! With yields of 400 – 600 g/plant indoors and 450 g/m2 inside, this is a fantastic strain indeed.

And, finally, White Berry. Tokers who smoke lightly throughout the day, but want a deeper stone at night, may find that this ripper meets all their needs in one attractive, easy-growing package. She has a 75/25 indica/sativa ratio, and yields of 400 – 450 g/m2 indoors and 400 – 500 g/plant outside.

What’s more, we are offering double Eucalyptus Points on the VIP Seeds Seed Bank range for the whole of March, making this a brilliant opportunity to add some very important cannabis seeds to your collection. It’s an offer not to be missed!

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Barney’s Farm Seed Bank

Feb 27, 17 Barney’s Farm Seed Bank

For those of you who are unaware – and there can’t be many! – Barney’s Farm Seed Bank is world-renowned as a global leader in the production of top-notch feminised cannabis seeds. This team of seed engineers operates right at the cutting edge of cannabis culture, pushing the industry right to the outer limits in order to create the biggest plants and best genetics possible. We’re delighted to have Barney’s Farm Seed Bank as our latest Breeder of the Month!

The Barney’s Farm Seed Bank story can be traced back to a fellow named Derry, who settled down many years ago in the Himalayas. It was here that his interest in cannabis seed manufacture was well and truly piqued, and he was able to hone his knowledge of selective breeding techniques which create diverse strains by choosing phenotypes for their tastes, aromas and THC levels.

During his Himalayan soujourn, Derry collected a wide variety of landrace seeds. He travelled widely, and selected strains from Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Thailand, Burma, Vietnam and China to ensure that he had the widest selection of genetics to use as a starting point for some incredible new varieties. Indeed, this wide selection became the foundation of some brand new strains which have become firm favourites for cannabis connoisseurs all across the globe.

Upon his return to Amsterdam, Derry was able to put his new-found knowledge to good use in the mass development of commercial strains. Hence, Barney’s Farm Seed Bank was born, and quickly established its reputation as one of the best seed companies in the world. It wasn’t long before the brand pushed forth into new territories, making way for the famous Barney’s Farm Coffee Shop, which made every premium strain available for the public to enjoy. It was at this point that the company’s legendary status was well and truly set in stone.

To this day, the team continues to search far and wide for the most indigenous genetics the planet has to offer. Their passion and commitment is truly unrivalled and is reflected in their impeccable eye for detail when it comes to providing new and exciting feminised cannabis strains. They have won a shed-load of international awards for the flawless quality and stability of their products, making them a recognised world leader in the production of top-quality seeds. The team is adamant that the search for rare genetics will never end and their dedication to the creation of awesome new strains looks set to continue indefinitely!

All Barney’s Farm Seed Bank seeds in our online catalogue are available with double Eucalyptus Points for the whole of March, so there’s no better time than the present to see exactly what these guys have to offer, and to bag yourself a little piece of history for your collection.

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Strain Hunters Seed Bank

Feb 27, 17 Strain Hunters Seed Bank

There are few tales in the cannabis world as poignant as that of brothers Arjan and Franco who set up the Strain Hunters Seed Bank in order to change perceptions of cannabis seed breeding and cultivation. We are privileged to feature their story as part of our Breeder of the Month promotion.

For 17 years, Franco and Arjan had the best time of their lives travelling the world and exploring new cannabis varieties with a view to seeking out the best quality genetics that the planet has to offer. It’s thanks to them that strains such as the famous, huge-yielding Money Maker and the soaring, creatively-inspiring Damnesia are commercially available to seed collectors and cannabis connoisseurs far and wide.

In 2007, Franco fell in love with Africa and its people, and his admiration for cannabis and the individuals who work with it earned him immense love and respect in return. After 150 flights in 2016 he still decided to travel to the Congo again, despite the incredibly dangerous political meltdown that was happening at the time. His objective was to assist locals in developing a medicinal landrace oil specifically for treating malaria – a disease whose prevention is so hopelessly underfunded and one that primarily affects the poor.

In a cruel twist of fate, Franco himself fell ill with Cerebral Malaria during his travels, and passed away a short time afterwards. He remains an icon who helped change many people’s lives, and his legacy will live on for generations to come. His passion and dedication have inspired many people and have truly helped to change the perceptions of what cannabis can accomplish.

During March, we are offering double Eucalyptus Points on all Strain Hunters Seed Bank seed-lines in our online catalogue. This, we hope, will help secure these fantastic genetics a place in seed libraries across the globe, preserving them for future generations. Messages of condolence for Franco can be left at

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