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VIP Seeds Torpedo – Strain of the Month

Apr 10, 17 VIP Seeds Torpedo – Strain of the Month

If you like a strong indica stone and an unforgettable sweet taste than VIP Seeds Torpedo is the one for you! It’s powerful, long-lasting, and it’s said to have medicinal qualities too. As if that wasn’t enough, it’s also really easy to grow and suitable for gardeners of all experience levels – and it’s available with double Eucalyptus Points for a limited time. It doesn’t get any better than this!

VIP Seeds Torpedo is a first-class, one-of-a-kind seed that has a vast array of qualities and potentials to offer its owner. First and foremost, it’s a great grower that will suit all levels of cultivation experience – even novices. It has a very short flowering time (just 55 – 60 days for optimum indoor yields) and generous harvests that make it a viable option for the commercial cultivator, but it’s also very well suited to smaller set-ups. The plant turns a deep forest shade of green with an abundance of hairy buds – she is quite a beauty to behold. But the real wow-factor comes with the flavour, aroma, and effect.

VIP Seeds Torpedo came into being as the brainchild of a selective breeding programme which sought to combine the best two Bubblegum plants on the market. The mission has without doubt been accomplished since this is certainly the sweetest lady in the VIP Seeds range. She’s certain to make her owner squeal with delight thanks to her unique, exotic taste, which is an unusual and yet wonderful combination of sugar, honey, and dank, musky earth. This is a highly sought-after and very enjoyable taste sensation that boasts a smooth, noticeable Bubblegum flavour on both the inhale and exhale.

As far as the smoke report goes, this one is a perfect choice for those lazy days or after work chill sessions when you want to kick back and relax. Her soft but firm embrace will ease the day’s burdens and woes, drowning out unnecessary distractions and relieving tension in one fell swoop. VIP Seeds Torpedo is also said to be a very good all-rounder for medicinal users as she has high levels of both THC and CBD, making her great for relieving chronic pain, stress, anxiety, insomnia and nausea.

VIP Seeds Torpedo really is one of a kind and if you are a fan of Bubblegum it is a must-have seed for your collection. With double Eucalyptus Points as part of the Strain of the Month promotion there’s no better time than the present to get your eager mitts on this beauty – and we’d love to hear your thoughts once you do!

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Strain Hunters’ Damnesia – Strain of the Month

Apr 10, 17 Strain Hunters’ Damnesia – Strain of the Month

Here, GYO Seedbank shines its Strain of the Month spotlight on Strain Hunters’ Damnesia – an awesome specimen with massive yields that last longer than a pornstar on Viagra and a fragrant bouquet that smells better than a bed of roses. You’ll forget your pain and troubles in no time at all but you won’t forget this offspring of the legendary Amnesia Haze in a hurry!

Strain Hunters’ Damnesia comes from an ingenious crossing of the so-called AMS (Anti-mould strain) and the legendary Amnesia Haze. The result is a fantastic, robust plant that’s resistant to pests and diseases and is without a doubt an absolute joy to grow, regardless of whether it is cultivated indoors or outside.

As they mature, the plants that result from these feminized seeds reach a medium-to-tall height and boast extra-long branches with super-sized, elongated and extremely resinous flower clusters in the shape of a fox’s tail. The amount of orange pistils decreases toward the top of the bud, where the prevalent colour is lime-green. Put simply – it’s a joy to look at, and it’s so pretty you’ll hardly want to cut it down.

But cut it down you will, because the scent of the copious buds is simply too good to resist! The buds of Strain Hunters’ Damnesia have an aroma of black pepper, incense and sandalwood, whereas the smoke is a complex mix of flowery, mossy, fruity and woodsy flavours with a lingering sativa aftertaste.

And once you do chop it, there’s sure to be plenty to go around and to share with your eager mates. In fact, reared in a grow-room, Strain Hunters’ Damnesia has the potential to yield up to 900 g/m2 after 9 weeks of flowering. The buds can become extremely heavy, so support for the branches may be required in the later stage of the flowering period. In an outdoor plantation the biggest specimen can deliver up to 1kg!

And then there’s the smoking experience. Caution is advised here, for sure, since the high is intense and long lasting. It’s perfectly suited for creative moments, chatting, and laughing with pals. This ripper eliminates pain and replaces it with a strong case of the munchies – so make sure you have a box of snacks at the ready, because you might not want to move for a while!

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Spliff Seeds Gold Bar Kush – Strain of the Month

Apr 10, 17 Spliff Seeds Gold Bar Kush – Strain of the Month

One of our latest Strains of the Month is Spliff Seeds Gold Bar Kush – a plant that sees Medical Kush and Orange Bud get jiggy to create a 60% indica specimen with an arousing orange and apricot flavour. When smoked, a cheerful, energetic high with strong relaxing body stone ensues, making this a great one for getting the conversation started at a social gathering. And with double Eucalyptus Points available for a limited time, it’s almost too good to be true!

Spliff Seeds Gold Bar Kush is a great one for anyone who wants a fun-loving, happy buzz that’s complimented by an invigorating and sharp aroma and flavour. These tall and slender beauties boast potent orange flowers and a distinctive citrus and apricot taste that’s a true epicurean’s delight, and makes for a perfect after-dinner dessert smoke. Recreational users are advised to have the snacks handy in case of a sudden attack of the munchies!

In terms of genetic make-up, Spliff Seeds Gold Bar Kush is 60% indica which leads to a well-balanced buzz that affects the whole body without leading to couchlock. The parent plants – Medical Kush and Orange Bud – both shine through here, although the Kush genetic is particularly prominent. Indoor flowering time is 9 – 10 weeks, and outdoors, harvests will be ready around the end of October or the beginning of November. All round, it’s an intriguing and unusual plant, and one of our favourites from this breeder – hence its worthy position as one of GYO’s highly-coveted Strains of the Month!

When Blazed, Spliff Seeds Gold Bar Kush produces a happy and energetic head high coupled with a strong yet relaxing body stone. What’s more, it’s said to have a number of potential medical applications and has been used to treat depression, stress, fatigue, and lack of appetite.

As with all seeds in the Strain of the Month series, you can currently get your hands on Spliff Seeds Gold Bar Kush with the added bonus of double Eucalyptus Points. In our opinion, this is a seed that no collector should be without, and we’d love to hear whether you agree. So grab yourself a bargain, and please don’t forget to share your comments!

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Barney’s Farm Peyote Cookies – Strain of the Month

Apr 10, 17 Barney’s Farm Peyote Cookies – Strain of the Month

GYO Seedbank’s latest Strain of the month sees Peyote Purple and Cookies Kush come together to create a remarkably vigorous, robust, and easy-to-grow hybrid plant that flourishes both indoors and out. As if this wasn’t enough, it’s also ultra-resistant to mould and mildew. With double Eucalyptus Points to boot, there’s no better time than the present to add Barney’s Farm Peyote Cookies feminized marijuana seeds to your stash!

Sometimes a seed comes along that seems almost too good to be true, and Barney’s Farm Peyote Cookies is one such variety. This soon-to-be-legendary ripper is created by mixing Peyote Purple with the stupefying and creamy Cookies Kush in a large and detailed selection and backcrossing process that has isolated the very best qualities of both parents into one strain.

Barney’s Farm Peyote Cookies is a vigorous hybrid beast that’s both robust and easy to grow. As it matures, it becomes a heavy, dense, and stocky specimen with strong branches more than capable of supporting its copious resin-oozing buds. But the show’s not over just yet: during flowering, this beauty displays a dazzling ruby red and purple complexion that could give a carnival firework display a run for its money!

The great news for outdoor gardeners is that these plants are also highly mould and mildew resistant. That means no-nonsense, fuss-free growing with great results every time – hurrah! On top of all this, they have a very intense guava and earth flavour, with suggestions of vanilla and coffee in the undersmell. Invigorating indeed!

But what about the effects when blazed? Well, Barney’s Farm Peyote Cookies provides a very hard-hitting, long-lasting and mildly soporific buzz that’s surprisingly powerful and is readily apparent after only a few puffs. But perhaps the best thing about it is the way in which the flavour perfectly compliments the high. Without doubt, this is a plant to savour, and one to return to time and time again.

Of course, we would love to hear your feedback on this awesome specimen, and we’re offering double Eucalyptus Points for a limited time as an added incentive. So whether you’re a seed collector or a commercial cultivator, there’s no better time than the present to add Barney’s Farm Peyote Cookies to your collection. But act fast – this is a limited time offer and when it’s gone, it’s gone!

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Royal Queen Seeds Seed Bank – Breeder of the Month

Apr 10, 17 Royal Queen Seeds Seed Bank – Breeder of the Month

Royal Queen Seeds Seed Bank is one of the fastest growing cannabis seed companies in Europe. After many years of experience in growing cannabis seeds in the Netherlands, they have now decided to launch their very own line of cannabis seeds, and have developed an incredibly strong catalogue of high quality feminised, autoflowering and medical seeds all of which are available at a fantastic price. What’s more, with double Eucalyptus Points available this April, there really is no better time than the present to check out the fruits of their labours!

Cannabis, marijuana, weed, bud, ganja… call it what you will because one thing is a dead cert – Royal Queen Seeds Seed Bank has an insanely vast selection of seeds for your browsing pleasure. These days there are so many different strains of cannabis and such a wide range of companies to choose from that selecting and purchasing cannabis seeds can be a daunting experience. But look no further, because at Royal Queen Seeds Seed Bank, the team prides itself in offering a great selection of high quality genetics at fair prices.

Whether you’re looking for a couchlock-inducing indica, a psychedelic and trippy sativa, or an oh-so-quick-and-easy autoflowering strain (containing Ruderalis genetics), we can guarantee that Royal Queen Seeds Seed Bank will have something to pique your interest. All of their seeds are feminised, meaning you’ll have no male plants to identify and remove – leaving you to concentrate your efforts on the best bud-producing female plants.

This enviable catalogue boasts a wide array of Highlife Cup and High Times Cannabis Cup award winners. Among them are classic strains like White Widow, Shining Silver Haze, Northern Lights and Amnesia Haze, and let’s not forget other justifiably world-famous specimens such as OG Kushand Critical.

As if this wasn’t enough, Royal Queen Seeds Seed Bank also offers a wide spectrum of autoflowering varieties, most of which take only a lighting fast 8 – 10 weeks from seed to harvest. Growing these beauties couldn’t be easier – in fact, even the first time gardener can achieve excellent results and produce the finest quality marijuana.

All seeds in the Royal Queen Seeds Seed Bank range are grown organically, selected by hand and regularly tested to check the quality and germination rates. They are carefully packaged to protect them from outside elements, ensuring that when customers get their eager hands on them they are in tip-top condition.

team is always on hand to answer any questions and their customer service is second to none. So don’t be shy – head over to our online shop and take full advantage of double Eucalyptus Points on all Royal Queen products this April. And, of course, don’t forget to let us know your feedback!

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Medical Seeds Co. Seed Bank – Breeder of the Month

Apr 10, 17 Medical Seeds Co. Seed Bank – Breeder of the Month

Based in the sunny setting of Barcelona, Spain, Medical Seeds Co. Seed Bank is a small yet very popular seed bank producing medical marijuana genetics of the highest quality. As part of our ongoing Breeder of the Month series we are delighted to offer double Eucalyptus Points on the entire Medical Seeds Co. Seed Bank catalogue for the whole of April. Interested? Then read on!

As the name suggests, Medical Seeds Co. Seed Bank focuses primarily on medical cannabis seeds which were previously available only through licensed marijuana dispensaries. Years of experience has taught this ingenious team of breeders that the best seeds come from the best parent strains, and this is why they select their genetics from all corners of the globe.

The medicinal benefits of marijuana have been the subject of heated debate for a number of years, and the topic remains divisive to this day. While great steps have been taken towards the legalisation, for medicinal use, of cannabis (or preparations containing CBD/THC as the active substance) in some countries including Austria, Belgium, Canada, Spain, the UK, and some US states, there is still much work to be done in order to allow all potential patients to benefit from the therapeutic applications this great plant has to offer.

The key to creating effective medicinal marijuana strains is to ensure that the ratio of the two primary compounds – CBD and THC – is kept at 1:1 CBD:THC or higher. This is because the presence of the former counteracts the psychoactive and ‘heady’ effects of the latter, leading to cannabis strains that are effective in pain management, therapeutic applications, and relief of stress and tension while still allowing the patient to remain functional.

Medical Seeds Co. Seed Bank 2046

There are far more than 2046 reasons to choose Medical Seeds Co. Seed Bank.

Three of our favourites from the Medical Seed Co. Seed Bank are Blue Hell, Canadian Kush, and 2046. Blue Hell boasts exquisite fruity flavours and a cracking high to complement a fantastic array of medicinal applications. It is a productive, robust and stable strain, ultra-reliable and very friendly. The buzz is enjoyable and not too oppressive, making it a must-have item for any medicine cabinet.

Canadian Kush boasts a short flowering period, a bag-bulging yield and pure indica genetics that were awarded Silver prize at the Spannabis Cup in 2013. If you love resin and you like your medical marijuana seeds to retain a bit of a kushy kick, this is definitely the strain for you.

2046, however, is the strain that has it all – exceptional psychedelic power, an unmistakable Haze aroma, and a delicious, earthy flavour. And did we mention the yields? Mark our words, this is an outstanding producer and her product is top notch. If you’ve got the patience and the experience to make the best of her, then this beauty is the real deal!

But don’t just take our word for it. Head over to the Medical Seed Co. Seed Bank area of our online shop and make the most of double Eucalyptus Points today!

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Green House Seed Company Seed Bank – Breeder of the Month

Apr 10, 17 Green House Seed Company Seed Bank  – Breeder of the Month

The Green House Seed Company Seed Bank is the most successful cannabis seed business in the whole world – and that’s a fact! So it goes without saying that GYO Seedbank is delighted to have these guys on board as part of the Breeder of the Month promotion – and we’re sure you’ll be just as delighted to know you can bag double Eucalyptus Points on all Green House Seed Company Seed Bank products for April!

Having won a frankly insane amount of international awards – including 40 High times Cannabis Cups, 17 Highlife Cups, and many more private awards in many countries – it’s no wonder at all that the Green House Seed Company Seed Bank has been hailed the most successful business of its kind.

Arjan, the company’s owner and founder, has been acclaimed The King of Cannabis thanks to his incredible prize-winning record and his outstanding and pioneering work in cannabis seed research and engineering. Arjan started collecting genetics and landraces from all over the world 25 years ago, and the hunt is still on!

Green House Seed Company Seed Bank genetics are the result of years of intensive breeding and painstaking effort. All strains are said to have exceptional medicinal and recreational properties, as well as particular terpene profiles guaranteeing unique aromas and flavours. There are, as you’d expect, far too many awesome varieties to list here, but there’s sure to be a seed to suit your needs in the online catalogue.

Green House Seed Company Seed Bank

Great White Shark: pretty, powerful and potent.

Of course, the first and most important distinction to be made is the choice between growing outside or indoors. Once that decision has been made, it’s equally important to get the right type of seeds for the purpose. Most cannabis plants can be grown inside or out, but the peculiar characteristics of each strain always guarantee best results in one of the two methods. The personal or commercial nature of the operation will always influence the choice of the genetics. Sativas are usually regarded as higher quality, whereas indica strains are faster and more commercial.

The great news is that among the twenty-plus strains now sold by the Green House Seed Company Seed Bank there are respective indoor and outdoor champions. The Himalaya Gold is the most recommended outdoor plant thanks to its genetic resistance to cold nights, altitude, pests and diseases. On the indoor side, the best plants on offer are Great White Shark, White Rhino and the White Widow. All these strains belong to the so-called ‘white’ family and share a common genetic origin. They are shorter, bushier plants with great bud production and amazing amounts of resin.

We could go on, but this is a seed company that needs little – if any – introduction. Head over to our online shop and take advantage of those double Eucalyptus Points while there’s still time – and furnish your seed stash with some genetics of truly legendary status.

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