Earn double eucalyptus points on all strains from these breeders in March
  • Barneys Farm
  • Spliff Seeds
  • Strain Hunters
  • VIP Seeds
Breeders of the Month March 2017

Don't pinch yourself, you are still awake...

...although we have to admit this is a pretty dreamy offer. If your order contains strains from any of our cannabis seed Breeders of the Month (or BOTM as we call them), you'll receive twice the number of points as normal on any and all of those strains. This is a great incentive to pack extra Eucalyptus Points into your Eucalyptus wallet, to stock up on well-loved cannabis seed strains from your favourite breeders and to sample something new and exciting that you wouldn't normally try.


Barneys Farm

Spliff Seeds

Strain Hunters

VIP Seeds

The team at Barney’s Farm have established themselves as world-leaders in cannabis seed manufacture and, given their vast array of top-shelf products, it’s no wonder. It all started in the Himalayas, when company founder Derry began collecting rare cannabis varieties. This led to the creation of some fantastic, never-before-seen hybrids and culminated in the opening of the internationally renowned Barney’s Farm Coffee Shop in Amsterdam. We’re delighted to welcome Barney’s Farm as our latest Breeder of the Month, and to give our customers the opportunity to benefit from double Eucalyptus Points in the process!


If you haven’t heard of Spliff Seeds then where have you been? They’ve been at the very forefront of cannabis cultivation since 1995 and have produced some of our favourite strains.  Stable, potent, and viable specimens are carefully selected and crossbred, guaranteeing a healthy and consistent plant with an optimum harvest. The range of products is truly extensive and includes regular, feminised, autoflowering and medical marijuana seeds. With so many strong contenders it’s hard to pick a favourite but we recommend Gold Bar Kush and White Widow, for which an introduction should not be necessary.

The breeders at Strain Hunters know better than anyone that cannabis seed engineering is more than just a hobby – it is a way of life. Brothers Franco and Arjan set off on a journey of cannabis discovery seventeen years ago with a view to changing people’s perspective of this natural medicine. While working in Africa, assisting locals in developing a medicinal landrace oil to combat malaria, Franco himself contracted the illness and died a short time later. His memory and legacy live on, and GYO Seedbank is very proud to feature the company in our Breeder of the Month promotion.

GYO Seedbank is delighted to present some Very Important Seeds for your perusal. With a huge catalogue of indica, sativa and autoflowering varities, all of which were created in response to customer feedback, VIP Seeds is a company that places excellence in all they do right at the top of the agenda. Whether you’re looking for an energetic, cerebral kick in the pants or a hard-hitting, soporific stone, these guys are sure to have a seed that ticks your boxes. And with double Eucalyptus Points currently available on their entire range, there’s no time like the present to get yourself acquainted!