Earn double eucalyptus points on all strains from these breeders in May
  • Bulldog Seeds
  • Rare Dankness
  • Samsara Seeds
  • Shaman Genetics

Bulldog Seeds

Rare Dankness

Samsara Seeds

Shaman Genetics

Bulldog Seeds has evolved into much more than just a cannabis seed breeder – it’s a veritable empire that’s renowned the world over! Since starting out in 1975 the company has expanded to include 5 coffeeshops, several cafes and bars, 2 hotels, smoke accessories, a merchandise line, an energy drink and, more recently, a cannabis seed manufacturer which offers some of the finest high-quality seeds available. As you’d expect, GYO is seriously stoked to feature Bulldog as our Breeder of the Month – so check out what they have to offer right away. We know you’re gonna love it!


Rare Dankness set out in 2010 on a mission to promote the legalisation of medicinal cannabis through education. Since then, they’ve amassed an enviable library of genetics which can be traced back over three decades. The team’s mission is not simply to recreate mother plants by cloning, but rather to introduce them to strong males in order to stabilise them and create fantastic new varieties that aren’t available anywhere else. With double Eucalyptus Points currently available there really is no better time than the present to acquaint yourself with what this fantastic breeder has to offer!

If you’re looking for a seed company that brings top-quality products as well as providing a true lifestyle choice and a deeper understanding of cannabis genetics in general, then Samsara Seeds may be just the ticket! Every single one of the strains found in the Samsara catalogue has been designed and developed with impeccable attention to detail, and this effort really shines through in the finished products. With Double Eucalyptus Points on offer there’s no better time than the present to add some Samsara love to your collection!

Shaman Genetics was born after years of breeding, crossing, and genetic engineering
working alongside some of the best growers from all over the globe. The Shaman range is divided into two parts - there are several feminised varieties including Star 99, Marley's Tribute, and Public Enemy, as well as a selection of autoflowering varieties including Blue Caramel Auto, Hubba Bubba Auto, and Auto Kraken. Take our word for it – there’s a seed here for everyone! As one of our Breeders of the Month, GYO Seedbank is offering double Eucalyptus Points on the entire Shaman range – now that’s an offer worth getting excited about!