Haze XXL Auto

Dinafem Haze XXL Auto Feminised Weed Seeds
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100% Feminized Cannabis Seeds


This awesome cannabis seed was born to meet the expectations of the numerous fans of the classic and unique Haze strain. It is an outstandingly fast-flowering and easy-to-grow plant that yields fantastically elongated and resinous buds. It shows great stability, probably due to the fact that it has been backcrossed with the same mother for three generations.

Dinafem is a marijuana seed bank unique in its passion for knowledge, learning and teaching. Its breeders love nothing more than improving the experience for their customers, and have shown great innovation in terms of end-user purchase processes and warranties. This is a seedbank with the customers’ best interest at heart.

Dinafem Seeds has a presence all over Europe and is making waves across the globe. The seeds are guaranteed to be of the very highest quality and its reputation, as it expands, is thoroughly deserved. The company is rapidly becoming the standard against which all other cannabis seed banks are measured.

Whether you are looking for Blue Kush or White Siberian, we stock the full range of Dinafem feminized cannabis seeds right here at GYO Seedbank.

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