We all have our favourite strains, some prefer big-yielding monsters, others like CBD-rich weed seeds, while some prefer super-powered, high-THC rippers. It's so difficult to choose! We cannot tell you what type of marijuana seeds to buy, but we can assure you that the one thing these lovingly-curated cannabis seeds have in common is quality. High quality. Super-high quality. We want to doff our caps to these strains, to give them a round of applause, and so we are giving away twice the Eucalyptus Points for each purchase for the entire month. This is a great way to stuff your Eucalyptus wallet while sampling new products or stocking up on trusted favourites, or both! We choose four of our best cannabis seeds every month and you can find this month's picks below, with some introductory notes to help you get to know each other.


Super OG Kush from Pyramid Seeds

Supersonic Cristal Storm Auto from Samsara Seeds is an automatic plant of the highest calibre. It’s formed by crossing Low Ryder with Black Domina, and the resulting offspring retains all the best-loved characteristics of its parents - and then some! Its autoflowering nature makes it really easy to grow, and while the yields are slightly reduced, it’s more than worth it for peace of mind alone. When smoked, it delivers an incredibly moreish buzz that’s strong and powerful, and is perfectly complimented by a rich and flavoursome bouquet that’s sure to bring out the munchies. A great plant to share with your friends, if you can bring yourself to part with it!

Girl Scout Cookies Auto from Fast Buds

As plants go, it doesn’t get much better than Girl Scout Cookies, a word-famous variety that has achieved great renown and has often been cited as the number one Californian cannabis variety of all time. But now, in an act of genetic ingenuity, Fast Buds have brought a fully autoflowering version to the mix, which makes it easier and quicker than ever before to achieve a full-on harvest of indica-domiant cookies that are sure to leave you feeling baked. As automatic strains go, this is a real game-changer. For this month only, these seeds can be yours with double Eucalyptus Points to boot!


Purple Kush from Kannabia

This indica-dominant specimen, derived from 70% purple genetics, really has it all. The best thing about it, in our opinion, is the visual display it brings to any growspace: fantastic violet hues explode during the flowering cycle and become more and more vibrant as the plant matures. But not only does it look incredible, it also produces a relaxing physical high that’s a perfect way to unwind either after work or at the weekend. The ease of growth and high yields make it perfect for beginners as well as seasoned cannabis aficionados and, with double Eucalyptus Points currently available, there really is no better time than the present to see what all the fuss is about.

Crystal Candy Auto from Sweet Seeds

Sweet Seeds Crystal Candy Auto comes as the result of a breeding programme that was primarily focused on creating new strains with interesting and invigorating aromas and tastes. They have certainly achieved their goal here, but there’s more to this one than just a glorious bubblegum scent. It’s incredibly easy to grow, very productive, and delivers a clear-heated and remarkably uplifting buzz that’s both chilled out and sociable. Add this seed to your collection today, and experience the flavour sensation!